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Introduction of Scrolling light box


Scrolling light box with advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), ink using oil-based ink, airbrush company to ensure the durability of the picture, the general picture color than the color on the monitor to be a little darker. Its actual output image resolution is generally only 30 to 45 DPI (by the printing requirements of the comparison), the actual size of the screen is relatively large, and there are hundreds of square meters of area. There are many kinds of light boxes, some also useful round blister light boxes, sometimes to the import of the mall, pay attention to it, sometimes you can see it. With the in-depth promotion of molding light boxes and market competition continuing to intensify as well as the continuous emergence of new materials, molding light box technology will continue to improve, and the expressive power will also continue to enrich. We have reason to believe that the molding light box will show more beautiful qualities in more spaces. Let's take a look at the introduction of the Scrolling light box.

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l Introduction of Scrolling light box

l Scrolling light box structure

l Scrolling light box maintenance

Introduction of Scrolling light box

A scrolling light box is different from the general lightbox, Scrolling light box can be installed in a light box with multiple advertising pictures, and can automatically change the picture within a set time.

Scrolling light box's shell has a variety of styles such as high-quality wood, stainless steel, special aluminum, curium paint, and a variety of chassis styles for customers to choose from, the body is beautiful, and the window is large, strong, and durable, suitable for facade signs, outdoor, indoor.

Scrolling light box has a variety of built-in automatic setting functions, such as automatic power on and off the system, free to set the number of screen replacements, free to set the screen stay time, free to choose to display different screen combinations, and so on.

Scrolling light box as a display master suitable for companies of all sizes and all walks of life, can reduce advertising costs for customers, beautify the cityscape

Scrolling light box structure

Frame and mask

The main components of the Scrolling light box are steel and plastic structure, the base and frame are made of welded steel or stainless steel structure, the pattern cover is made of the glass panel, Plexiglas panel, light box cloth, etc. Small head, pole, hanging light box main components for steel or injection molding frame, pattern cover using glass, plexiglass, or transparent plastic plate.

Pattern printing carrier

Scrolling light box printing carrier according to its structure and production process, can use synthetic paper, airbrush film, self-adhesive backing film, lightbox canvas, and other materials.

Auxiliary light facilities

Scrolling light box's auxiliary light (commonly known as playing light) according to its structure of the pattern picture, substrate material, printing ink layer thickness, pattern width for playing light design, picture quality and uniformity, and high softness.

Scrolling light box maintenance

Scrolling light box due to its beauty, and advertising role, and is widely used by the majority of businesses, but the maintenance of the light box has become a major problem, many merchants do not know how to maintain and maintenance of the light box, so that the light box service life is sharply reduced, light box maintenance and maintenance. Because LED is to be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, the storage temperature of -40 ℃ - +100 ℃, relative humidity of 85% or less. This has high requirements for the outer packaging of the light box, light box if placed in a colder environment should consider this factor, rain more cities should also pay attention to the waterproof performance of the light box, do a good job of flood control measures to increase the life of Scrolling light box, and then is the cleaning, Scrolling light box cleaning, be very careful to pay attention to, some led light box Producers to make the light box waterproof is not good, easy to seepage, and led lamps and lanterns can not use unknown chemical liquid cleaning, because that may damage the surface of the LED resin, and even cause cracks in the gel.

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