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Information about Close type of bus shelter


The Close type bus shelter is a new design of modern bus shelter which is mainly used in areas where there is a lot of rain and wind, so it is more convenient for passengers to use. The fully enclosed environment protects passengers better in harsh environments and reduces possible damage. Let's take a look at the information about Close types of bus shelters.

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l Composition and installation of Close type bus shelters

l Matters needing attention

Composition and installation of Close type bus shelter

The Close type bus shelter is both a bus stop and a place for passengers to wait and change buses. Its basic purpose is to create a convenient, comfortable, and safe waiting environment for the public. Therefore, the function of shading and shelter from rain and wind is essential for a Close type of bus shelter, in addition, the air circulation should be kept inside the shelter to avoid the retention of air exhaust. In the vehicle stay interval is short, the passenger capacity is small, the road width is a narrow bus station, can only set the station sign. But as long as the street conditions allow, should also try to set up shelters. Most standard shelters are generally composed of platforms, signs, roofs, partitions, pillars, guardrails, night lighting, seats, and other parts, but the design should be set according to the different conditions of the lot that can be flexible. In general, the length of the Close type bus shelter set up in the city should not be greater than 1.5-2 times the standard car length. In principle, the width of the sidewalk where the shelter is set should be more than 3m, and the width of the shelter is specified to be less than 2m (according to the relevant regulations, a shelter of more than 2m can be set on the sidewalk with a width of more than 5m). The roof of the bus shelter should be set to ensure that the width of 2-3 waiting passengers (about 1.5m).

The midway station should be set up in the bus line of the main pedestrian circulation points, should form a symmetrical site with the same lineup and down, so should be set up cross Close type bus shelter, a staggering distance of not less than 50m; when the width of the fast lane of the main road is greater than 22m, you can also set up the site without crossing; intersection site should be set up at the fork 50m away, when the vehicle more, it should be located outside the fork 100m; the average distance of the site for 500-600m; in the green belt wider roadside or lane width of less than 10m road midway set site, the roadside greenery to the sidewalk isosceles trapezoidal concave not less than 25m, open concave length of not less than 22m to constitute a harbor type midway site.

Matters needing attention

1、Choose material

The manufacture of seal Close type bus shelter needs a large load-bearing capacity, especially for bad weather, and it needs to have the ability to carry weight, such as snowy weather. So choose the material suitable for making to prevent being corroded by rain, and also have a certain load-bearing capacity to avoid it will cause hidden danger to passengers.

2、Choose the design structure

In the premise of ensuring the safety of passengers, it is also necessary to make passengers feel comfortable and beautiful. Seal Close type bus shelter in the architectural design of the structure has certain requirements, to have a certain degree of practicality, the comfort and beauty should be taken into account, not just the pursuit of artistry. Better for the people to provide services to ensure the safety of the use of passengers.

3、Pay attention to ventilation and air exchange

Seal Close type bus shelter must pay attention to ventilation, to avoid the air not circulating to passengers caused of physical discomfort. When designing the seal Close type bus shelter ventilation system, according to the local seasonal characteristics, you can choose all-weather ventilation, or leave the air import and export channels, so that the air circulation, you can also choose automatic ventilation device, the use of electricity for ventilation, not all-weather.

4、Lighting system

After all, now the road traffic because of urban development needs, there is a lot of night operation of the service, so to consider the issue of lighting, to provide lighting for the passengers of the bus shelter, but also can bring a bright view of the city cityscape. Close type bus shelter internal lighting can be taken when the solar way, but also green, but also beautiful and generous.

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